Me + Art = Love

1.) Ooohhooo hooo I am so excited! I will be staying at school for 2 more hours Tuesdays through Thursdays to teach art and I couldn't be more pumped up about it! I will be working with 2nd through 5th grade, not the little guys, which is actually going to be quite refreshing. I have slightly forgotten what it is like to be around adults (more like semi-adults, but anyone older that 6 is basically and adult to me). Plus, art and Pre-k are totally two of my favorite things in the world, so I will get to teach both on a weekly basis.

2.) I love when my little ones run up to me and hug me. Some do it several times a day, and some cannot leave the class without a hug from Ms. Toll. I love the little boogers so much. I feel so honored and privileged to play a significant role in their awesome little lives. I just hope that their future teachers see how lucky they are to have them in their presence as well.

3.) I can't believe I'll be 23 soon.... or to my 4-year-olds "105." I am in this awkward age where i feel old and also still really young. It's quite strange.

Hasta la vista y0.

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