love. lOoOve. love.

"Yes Dominique?"
"Do you love me morer now??"
"I love you more everyday Dominique. Of course I do."

I love the way little Katrina's mouth corners point down. She always looks grumpy or angry, but in fact she is a sweetheart.

I love when little Bria who hardly talks says something to me. He voice is so sweet and pleasant.

I love when Seferino lets me know that Larry is still in the bathroom because "you know... his tummy might not feel good."

I love when both the a.m. class and the p.m. class sing the parts of the songs that don't have words as if the words were "we were werno we wer wer wer..."

I love that Adam always has to sit right by my feet when we read stories under the reading tree.

I love that when I tell the students to "catch a star and hold it super tight in your hands on your lap" Rhiannon holds her hands so tight for the entire remainder of the day.

I love how proud they are of their precious art work.

I love that even though Paige still doesn't talk she does know the letters we have learned and will say them to me in private.

I love when Nayeli runs up behind me and pinches my hand and then runs off.

I love how Danielle stills calls me "Ms. Tall."

I love how well behaved Angel has become.

I love Isaiah's Spongebob windbreaker jacket.

I love how the kids look in their super star reader glasses (star shaped sunglasses with the lenses popped out of them).

I love my job. Even though I have been consistently sick since day 2. Haven't missed a day yet.

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