3 days of pure bliss.

"Ms. Toll (insert '...' or '??' or '!!!' here)" count for today: Oh I at least heard my name in one of those forms about 94 times.

Circle Time:

Me: So what do animals wear?
Payton: Covers that will cover their bottoms.

Me: What would you be if you were in the circus?
Kodi: SPONGEBOB!... so I could do this: waving and twisting side to side saying "Hiiiiii!"

I over heard this conversation go down:

Angel: Katrina- if you see a mosquito just stay still. Or else it will bite you. Katrina I'm telling you the truth.


Isaiah came up to me with the pail of chalk and asked "Ms. toll can you draw sumfin for me?" So I drew a pretty decent version of Spongebob for him, and then he requested Patrick, and so I drew that too. As I was drawing another little boy came up and touched Isaiah's curly "Will Smith 80s style" hair doo and Isaiah snapped this at him "HEY! Don't mess wif my hair. I like my hair like dis!" Keep it real Isaiah, keep it real.

Angelina came to tell me about Shobi allegedly smacking here, and this was exactly how she said it: "Dat boy in da scarwey shurt hit me like dis (acts out how she was hit and points at Shobi in his scull and cross bone Ed Hardy like t-shirt)!"

But oh my goodness. 3 days of adult conversations. 3 days without snotty noses. 3 days without wiping up split red juice from the floor. 3 days without Nayeli following me around while clenching the the back of my shirt. 3 days without the dreadful smell of 4 year-old farts lingering in a stuffy classroom. 3 days of not having to listen to the "Counting to 20" song or "Count Down to Blastoff!" 3 days of sleeping in past 5am.

But oh how I will miss them dearly. Pathetic little lover I am.

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