g00d day.... mostly.

Yesterday was overall quite fantastic- though it was terribly l0000ng... and it didn't make it any better that I locked myself out of my apartment when I got home with my keys and phone inside.

Bethia told me: Ms. Toll I missed you (referring to my absence from the classroom last Friday).

I found out that I get $3,000 to spend on purchasing new items for my classroom. I was also give a Lakeshore catalog and I felt like I was 8 and it was the "Toys R Us" Christmas catalog. Magical. I can't wait!

Our IST came into my classroom to make sure I was doing everything that I should be and she said she was so impressed! She has a "plus and delta" form that she filled out and gave to me and she said that she ran out of room on the "plus" side and the "delta" side was left blank. :) Sometimes I feels as though I am doing everything wrong.... but I guess I'm doing ok.

The after-school classes began and I had 3 40 minute classes full of rambunctious 3rd graders. They were so much fun (most of them....). I am really looking forward to this extra job. Side note** Even the 3rd graders pass gas.... yucky.

After 4 days of being away from my pre-kinders I really missed them. But today and the rest of the week I have state pre-k training in Albuquerque so I wont get to see them again until Monday... I will miss them terribly.

The worst part of my day yesterday? One of my students had her last day, and I wasn't even informed that it was her last day until her mom told me when she came to pick her up! Whhhhhhhy couldn't she have told me sooner? I wasn't ready to lose one of my lil' ones. Jessica will be missed A LOT.

More pre-k training in the a.m. so I am off to pre-k dreamland.....

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