Me: Sit criss-cross-applesauce Donald....
Donald: I can't cause I'm wearing this pant-skirt (pulling at his wind breaker pants).
Angel: Ewww....
Me: Uh.... I think you can still sit criss-cross applesauce.

Me: Nico! Look over here, it's a grasshopper.
Nico: (Attempting to step on the critter) ahhh!!!
Me: No Nico!! He's nice, he's cool. Let's look at him.
Nico: Why wont he hop anymore?
Me: Because you broke his leg.
Nico: Oh... I like him.
Me: Larry, some look at this grasshopper.
Larry: (Slams his big foot down) *squish*
Nico: What happened?
Me: He got squished.
Nico: Oh.

Nico: (Aysha walks by) That's my girlfriend!

I love my job. But I have to admit, I miss being in Las Cruces with my boyfriend and Zeta sisters. One bedroom apartments get lonely.

I can only watch so many reruns f America's next top model.... I can only drink so much chocolate milk.... and I must limit the number of times I check my Facebook to only 41 times a day.

The base coming from the low rider parked outside my door is driving me insane. The ice cream man really drives me insane. Everyday, it never fails. Even in the rain. Ug.

Lonely is getting lonely.

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